Developing Potent and Specific Immunotherapies
to Fight Life
Threatening Infections
Humabs is using its cutting-edge proprietary CellClone technologies to discover effective new treatments against a variety of viral and bacterial infections.

The Company has already successfully partnered with major pharmaceutical companies for several programs, and its focus is discovering and developing anti-infective immunotherapies up to clinical proof of concept.
Humabs has also a portfolio of programs to address major public health threats, such as Ebola, Zika, Rabies and Dengue.

  • Two clinical-stage programs partnered with Novartis and MedImmune validate the technology and generate major revenue stream; broad collaboration with MedImmune covering multiple diseases
  • Promising development programs address areas of major unmet medical need, including chronic hepatitis B, respiratory syncytial virus/ metapneumovirus (RSV/MPV) infections and congenital Zika virus infections
  • Cutting-edge, proprietary CellClone discovery platforms enable high-quality lead generation to further expand the internal development portfolio
  • Public Health portfolio to address major public health concerns being developed in cooperation with government and not-for-profit health organizations

The potential of Humabs’ CellClone technology is supported by a rich pipeline, including two clinical-stage development candidates that are partnered with leading pharmaceutical companies.

Humabs has developed a unique and comprehensive approach for screening and selecting highly effective naturally occurring human antibodies.
The technology originates from the laboratory of Prof. Antonio Lanzavecchia, Director of the Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB) in Switzerland and scientific founder of Humabs. Utilizing Humabs’ proprietary CellClone technologies, human monoclonal antibodies are isolated from memory B cells and plasma cells derived from convalescent patients. Ultra-potent antibodies are rapidly identified, engineered and developed for prophylactic, therapeutic or diagnostic purposes.
Development Pipeline

With more than a dozen development candidates, Humabs has a broad and varied pipeline of partnered, internal and public health programs. These anti-infective immunotherapy candidates are being developed to treat a number of viral and bacterial diseases.

Humabs has a successful track record of advancing its leads through the early stages of development.

Humabs currently has two clinical-stage partnered programs, validating the CellClone technologies and generating a significant revenue stream

Humabs has a broad partnership with MedImmune, the global biologics research and development arm of AstraZeneca, that covers multiple pathogens. The most advanced of the projects is an antibody directed against influenza A virus.
This antibody, called MEDI8852, has demonstrated activity against all known subtypes of the influenza A virus and is therefore less affected by the emergence of new strains. The program was partnered with MedImmune while still in preclinical development and has currently concluded the clinical phase 1b/2a. Data on this program have been published in the journals Science and Cell. Humabs has also partnered with Novartis for an antibody directed against an undisclosed target. This program is currently in phase 2.