Anti-infective Immunotherapies Fighting Life-Threatening Pathogens:
Our Solution to a Worldwide Medical Challenge

Despite the great successes in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases through hygiene, improvements in water and food supplies, and the development of vaccines, antibacterial and antiviral therapies, there remain enormous medical challenges. In the less developed regions of the world, outbreaks of Dengue fever, Rabies virus or Hepatitis viruses cause hundreds of millions of people to suffer every year, millions of whom die from the infection. In the more developed regions of the world, despite sophisticated medical care facilities and the availability of an arsenal of effective vaccines and potent drugs, we are faced with even more challenging medical threats, such as the emergence of multi-resistant bacteria or difficult-to-treat viral infections. Humabs is actively working on effective solutions to these threats: highly potent and specific human antibodies that target and kill these pathogens. Anti-infective immunotherapies, unlike classic antibiotics or antivirals, are much less prone to trigger resistant pathogens and can act through multiple mechanisms of action, including the recruitment of immune cells helping to eliminate effectively the pathogen.