Technology Highlights

Our industry-leading CellCloneTM Technology has been published in the most prestigious journals and has been validated by more than a dozen high-quality development candidates, including two clinical-stage development candidates.

Humabs has developed a unique, comprehensive approach for screening and selecting naturally occurring antibodies. The technology originates from the Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB) in Switzerland, whose Director Prof. Antonio Lanzavecchia is the scientific founder of the company. The proprietary technology platforms are based on the interrogation of immortalized human memory B cell or cultured plasma cell repertoires. Multiple interrogation strategies can be performed in parallel, including functional assays. In most cases, instead of looking for binders to predefined targets, the Humabs functional approach is target-agnostic. Thus, Humabs rapidly discovers antibodies leading to the neutralization and killing of the pathogen. Within weeks, ultra-potent antibodies are being identified, which subsequently can be engineered further and developed for therapeutic, diagnostic, or research purposes. Often, this allows for the identification of novel targets for vaccine design. Multiple papers on the company’s discoveries have been published in prestigious journals.