Rapid and Effective Development

With more than a dozen development candidates, Humabs has an industry-leading pipeline of antybody candidates, which are being developed for diagnostic an therapeutic applications, as well as for the design of new vaccines.

Our development pipeline contains antibodies against multiple viral and bacterial pathogens. These antibodies are selected for superior function and - as they are obtained from the immune system of patients who have successfully battled a certain disease – generally have many features of an optimized lead, such as very high potency. Humabs has a successful track record of advancing its leads through the early development stages. The company has partnered the most advanced programs while still in preclinical phase; two partnered programs have been advanced into clinical phase 2 (undisclosed target, Novartis) or phase 1/2 (FluA, Medimmune), respectively, thus validating the approach. With its internal development candidates directed at HBV, RSV/MPV and ZikaVirus, the company has a very attractive portfolio for future growth.