Key features

Key features
The potential of Humabs’ CellClone technology is supported by a rich pipeline.
Humabs has developed a unique and comprehensive approach for screening and selecting highly effective naturally occurring human antibodies.
The technology originates from the laboratory of Prof. Antonio Lanzavecchia, Director of the Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB) in Switzerland and scientific founder of Humabs. Utilizing Humabs’ proprietary CellClone technologies, human monoclonal antibodies are isolated from memory B cells and plasma cells derived from convalescent patients. Ultra-potent antibodies are rapidly identified, engineered and developed for prophylactic, therapeutic or diagnostic purposes.
The Humabs approach offers several important potential advantages over other technologies.
  • Best target epitope: Exploiting the human immune system as the antibody source maximizes the chances that the most relevant neutralizing determinants will be recognized in the context of natural infections
  • Fast and adaptable: Once individuals are identified who have shown the strongest antibody response against the target pathogen, human monoclonal antibodies can be rapidly isolated
  • High-quality leads: Humabs antibodies have passed through optimization and selection by the human immune system and often qualify as development candidates without major modifications
  • Demonstrated safety in the clinic: Two of Humabs’ antibodies are currently in clinical development and both have shown an excellent safety profile for further development